Mehdi Abaakouk (sileht)

Random things I work on


Fri 07 July 2017
Automate rebasing and merging of your PR with pastamaker
Wed 02 September 2015
Configuring CORS for Gnocchi and Keystone
Sun 10 May 2015
Autoscaling with Heat, Ceilometer and Gnocchi
Tue 20 January 2015
Writing a Gnocchi storage driver for ceph
Wed 28 August 2013
Autoscaling with Heat and Ceilometer
Wed 14 August 2013
Using a sharding/replicaSet mongodb with ceilometer
Tue 11 December 2012
Create a smart debian repository with reprepro
Wed 28 November 2012
Galera and puppetlabs mysql module
Mon 11 June 2012
Adding schroot support to piuparts
Thu 31 May 2012
From the to a looking glass for bird
Thu 24 May 2012
First step in my involvement in openstack