Mehdi Abaakouk (sileht)

Random things I work on

About me

I’m Mehdi Abaakouk, I live in Toulouse (France) and I have been using Linux for more than twenty years.

I co-founded and run Mergify, a GitHub service around automation, and also setup and maintain the infrastructure of

I worked as Senior DevOps Engineer and Senior Software Engineer for Jolibrain, Wazo, Qovery, Red Hat, eNovance , Capgemini, DGAC, CNES and GFI.

My main interests in computer science are opensource software and how Internet works under the hood, and I really like to hack them.

Here is a quick list of my contribution to the opensource world:

  • The engine and website of Mergify Python, Redis, Postgresql, gunicorn, ReactJS, Nginx, Heroku, Sentry, Datadog
  • metadata extraction of the Collectd libvirt plugin C
  • libvirt network interface statistics retrieval for openvswitch C
  • neomutt, a text based mail client C
  • Core developer of Gnocchi, Metric as a Service: multi-tenant timeseries, metrics and resources database Python, Ceph, Redis, Postgresql, Mysql
  • CheckMK fastchecker that removes overhead of loading python runtime on each CheckMK check run Python
  • Openstack where I am Core developer of the Ceilometer, Aodh, Tooz, Oslo.messaging and all many other bricks of Openstack ecosystem Python, Mysql, Postgresql, Rabbitmq, Redis, Kafka
  • Grafana Gnocchi datasource plugin Javascript, Angular
  • Pastamaker a Github Gating Bot on top of Travis-CI, Github Pull Request and Github Branch protection system Python, Redis, Javascript, Angular, Heroku
  • A bunch of Python libraries: git-pull-request, daiquiri, cotyledon, pifpaf, … Python, Cython cradox,
  • Ceph librados and libcephfs Python binding in C with Cython C, Cython
  • Official Red Hat Openstack Packaging .rpm Packaging
  • Official Debian Packaging .deb packaging
  • Disc-air a tools to graph a L2 network (started 2015) Python
  • Neutron routed-plugin OpenStack plugin to provide L3 routing only Python
  • Bird-LG a BGP looking glass for bird written in python/flask Python/JQuery
  • Listen a music player/manager for GNOME written in python/gtk/gstreamer (2005-2012) Python/GTK/Gstreamer
  • Seeks a social and collaborative search engine , I make the debian and ubuntu packages (2009-2012) C++
  • Lullaby a android client for ampache (2010-2012) Java/Android
  • CyanogenMod/Lineageos a Android alternative OS for mobile, I have ported some CyanogenMod fonctionnalities from version 4 to 5, 6 and 7 (2009-2010) C/Linux kernel/Java/Android
  • Gmixer a audio mixer in python/gtk (2008) Python

For the Internet part, I’m involved in a French Associative Internet Service Provider and Host Provider:

In this context, since 2010, I have set up and maintained:

I’m taking charge if the regular system administration tasks too.

And also I like to dance on crazy swing rhythm 😁